Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Lesson For Today

Having been a "church" musician\choir director\organist\pianist, all long before I became an ordained member of the clergy, it has always been my assumption that the music is the very "most" important part of any service of worship. After serving as a "pastor" for a number of years I became convinced that it was the sermon that was by far the most important part of any worship service. Today I woke up in the midst of a wedding and realized that, although my impressions were not entirely wrong concerning worship, they were not entirely correct, either. I am entering the next phase in my spiritual journey. This time I'm convinced by virtue of God's Holy Spirit that His Word is to be first and foremost in any service of worship. I've been naive most of my life. I don't apologize for it, it's simply a fact. There is a part of me that remains "innocent" enough to remain faithful in the journey in spite of riding many different steeds. My favorite steed these days, of course, is a two-tone red Ultra Classic built by Harley Davidson. Even this noble ride must take a back seat to where she(my wife hates it when I embellish cycles with feminine persona)takes me for the presentation of God's Word. Today the bride and groom were bikers. The folks in attendance were, for the most part, bikers. The rest of our gathering was made up of family and friends that are part and parcel of the whole scene. Pierced everythings were there, along with tats of every imaginable variety. My wife composed the lyrics for the song that accompanied the lighting of the unity candle, and I recorded all of the background music and processional, recessional stuff. It was wonderful! I'm not certain anyone thought so but us, and therein came the realization. Every "book of services" has a way of doing things that is in keeping with denominational beliefs. I have always worked weddings from my "little black book" until today. You see, it was in the final moments before the wedding began, and throughout the service that God revealed to me that the most important element in our worship is the sharing of His Word for our lives, whatever the occasion. Yes, it's nice to have a wonderful sanctuary and beautiful instruments, and great clothes and shiny crosses and candleholders. Even the ambiance of our hallowed building is great, but it all becomes meaningless if we are not sharing to our best ability the words of eternal life that we have been blessed to have in our possession. So, there you have it, my lesson learned today. I pray this is one you will consider as well. In Christ's Love, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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