Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mail Call

Lighter thoughts this evening are dedicated to those people who deliver our mail. Maybe you haven't noticed, but I have. The amount of garbage in our mailbox in the past decade has decreased enormously! Hats off the the USPS! Due to the use of E-Mail and other forms of communication on the net we now are reaping the rewards of an affluent society. So much so that what cost us a penny 100 years ago now costs 39 cents and it still takes three days to arrive from the Great American Desert where my wife and I reside. This is all said "tongue in cheek," of course. I love those folks who do their job in any kind of weather and resist the temptation to shoot one another. It is ironic, though, that leather postcard I posted here a while back probably took less time to arrive at it's intended destination than a post card from the same location would today. What message can this possibly hold for the ecumenical community of which I am a member? Just this: The message is the same. No matter what the cost to deliver it we must continue to deliver it as efficiently as possible. Yes, there are changing attitudes to address! Yes, this is a new century! Yes things have changed since my great grandmother's day! But(and this is a big one), "WE HAVE NOT CHANGED!" We are still the pathetic little buck-passing people that God placed on this earth with only one hope of eternal salvation! Our eternal salvation is found in the Son of our God. Many in the English speaking world call His name Jesus. In other parts of the known world He is known as Yeshua. I believe that wherever we gather to call on the name of the triune God He hears us and responds. It isn't always the response we would like to have, but it is a response, and it doesn't take three days to get here! When we pray and listen, God is faithful and answers our prayers. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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