Thursday, March 30, 2006

Guy In The Sky

How do you envision God and His Son, my Savior Christ? Do you see them as real and visible to the naked eye? Some would interpret all they see around them as the handiwork of God and thus see Him. That is true to the extent that it is correct, but it goes much further than this simple interpretation. For those of us of the Christian ilk I would submit that we see God's presence in all things seen and unseen. To be very specific we have to be able to look at ourselves and others around us and "see" the goodness that God has provided for each of our lives as they relate to all creation. Still, that is not very specific! Therefore, perhaps we can't "pinpoint" anything as tangible proof of God's existence in our lives other than what we can see through the eyes of faith. Now that for me is painting a more vivid picture. Through the eyes of faith is where we must begin if we are to see God. For some this is impossible, for others, impractical! My Native American brothers and sisters believe! That is their starting point! For many in our western world this is the great stumbling block. That which you cannot see with your eyes, feel with your hands, taste in your mouth, smell in your nostrils or hear with your ears is just as real as the senses we have been gifted with as part and parcel of our humaness. It is in the transcendence of the physical that we meet God in the fullness of a reality that is greater than ourselves. If you have not "found" God in your experience of life it very well could be that you are making it harder than it actually is. I often ponder on the statement, "We need God far more than God needs us." Would you like to "see" the guy in the sky come alive in your life? All one needs do is ask in all sincerity and He will become a reality. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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