Saturday, September 30, 2006


Every year this time comes around. The colder it gets the more I tend to move in the direction of work that does not expose me to the elements. Except, of course, when I am on two wheels and then we don't have a clue where it's raining as long as we don't get thirsty. (THAT IS A JOKE) As you can see from the collage I've done a few minutes ago, I am in the process of working with 'puters. They're really cool! A bit like children(young)and puppies, they don't always do what we would like, but if we teach them well they will perform. One of my brothers from the Crusaders for Christ sent his 'puter to me via UPS. I'll get it back to him better than new in a few days. The strange part is that this is happening al over. It seems that folks that learned 'puter stuff back when Win98 was new are now really lost for how to keep 98 running. Heaven forbid! I would have liked to stay where I was in '69 forever, but times change and we have to change with them.
In my space I keep as much of the past with me in the present as is feasible. My newest motto is "Ministry, Music, and Motorcycles." The three Ms of life. I go off on tangents. There are days, sometimes weeks, when I don't really get into God's Word as I should. Ever been there? Don't fret it(my guitar playin' friends would love this)'cause we all have our setbacks. Sometimes we have to "setback" to really see where we have been and come to the realization that where we are going is soooo much better if we are alive in Christ!
My prayers go out to a world in need. I'm a bit busy with the stress of our computerized world and helping folks my age stay in "tune" with the times.
Oh if there are any of you psychobabiel people out there, "Home\Inside" has nothing to do with "Homicide."
In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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