Thursday, October 26, 2006

No Running And No Hiding

This was last year. Winter hit the Great American Desert with a vengeance. We were pretty tight to the house for a few days. This year we are basking in sunshine and enjoying(that is tongue in cheek)the continuing yardwork. Our spot on God's earth has never enjoyed better "eye" appeal. I feel very good about that portion of our lives. Others that we love are not doing so well. One broken wrist. One interred for the winter. Another with a stainless steel screw that popped out of a knee operated on many, many years ago. Some with severe depression and others with the loss of their lifelong mate. Need I continue? That is the part of life that is hard to get past. We can deal with the winter storms, the summer's heat, and everything else that nature can throw our way. It is the people with whom we suffer that turns life from the never-ending carnival into the....ride that has ended.
I suppose it has always been this way. The ups and downs of life inflicting their pressence on those who are sensitive enough to hear. Last night we had a young possum in the back yard trying to threaten our Mexican Healer. He was so mad! The police and the animal folks came and took the critter away. I informed them that I had a .410 that could have done the job a lot more swiftly, at which they laughed. That's life out here for today. I pray that in your world the snow doesn't get to deep and the animals aren't interfering with the peace of your backyard. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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