Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Our season of celebration ended last evening for 2006. Whoosh, what a year! Throughout the festive days of December on the Great American Desert we had an opportunity to rejoice with friends(old & new)and family. What a time of blessing for my wife, Cheryl and I! We hosted our first ever "open house" with food and fun for everyone. We decorated more extensively than ever before and as of tonight we are basking in the afterglow of days and nights well spent. It doesn't end here. Tonight we will be hosting Crusaders from Wisconsin on their way south to minister for the winter. Others are off to the north working in the venue of music. I am quite content to be where I am, finally. I suppose the best part of being somewhere this long is the knowledge that everyone knows where to find us. The phone number has not changed in years, and the address is on labels we haven't used for a long time. Sitting here in front of the screen I can only share that which is on my heart. God has blessed our lives together! I pray for all as we begin another journey toward spring. It cannot be too far away, I can hear the birds singing when I lie down at night. Maybe that is just me, though. Happy New Year to all, and may this year exceed your greatest expectations of peace, love, and harmony. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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