Monday, October 22, 2007

A Hole In The Ground

High noon found me out on the prairielands of the Great American Desert. My concrete man called(Scott is a brother to Rita with whom I shared early college daze)to inform me that it was his opinion that the diggers didn't get the stairwell from the new utility room in the right place. I should have taken the cycle, but owing to the recent onslaught of torrential rains I thought it better to take the journey with my fleet afoot Oldsmobile. I was right, the road in was way to soft for the 1000 pounds of Ultra Classic HD. These are about half of the pics I took of our personal project which I have captioned(for now)"A Hole In The Ground." It was actually a lot of fun to walk around in the midst of our future walls and basement. I threw the tape measure everywhere that I went and built bridges from Scott's planking onsite to get me over the deeper gorges in the earth. It was an adventure, and one that I shall not soon forget. Everything is going according to God's timing, and His is far finer than any timetable I could imagine. One of the more encouraging aspects of my onsite sojourn was the strata of gravel in the earth where the basement will be sitting(hopefully with the house on top of it this year). That gravel at the depth it was at is indicative of great drainage. Even knowing that we are still putting in drainage tile around the perimeter and allowing for the egress windows to drain directly into that and hence to the sump pump in the basement utility area, I found the discovery of much gravel to be comforting. A computerized three stage furnace will heat the home, along with AC, and electric supplements. What a deal! Two water heaters will provide the house with sufficient hot water for at least 10 bath\showers every two hours, and a host of loads of laundry should we ever need them. God is so good! I never even had a dream concerning a project like this. In my wildest dreams even my imagination could not have envisioned the journey that my wife, Cheryl, and I have begun. I'll keep updating as time goes by. There are more important things to consider in life, however. The first is you and how you're doing today. Please know that there is always an option, another possibility. We may not always see it or think it, but it is there if we remain open to the movement of God's Spirit. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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