Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Move In About Nine Hours

This morning I watched as the sun lit up the windows on this grand old gal. It almost appeared at times as though the lights were on and the day was starting in the dining room. We've had some difficulties getting ready to move, but I believe in my heart of hearts that they will soon come to an end. You see, we are now vested in one another. Had nothing ever changed in her demeanor the Beale House would have remained on the historical registry and immovable. Now, however, she has become a homeless home, and we who have lived next to her for a lot of years have grown to respect and love that house. Clara Beale was famous for hosting folks in her home, and I do believe that she would be really happy with what we are trying to accomplish. So many portions of the interior still reflect her grace and charm. For better or worse we are committed to the attempt to restore, refurbish, and reflourish in the shadow of this ediface to posterity. Perhaps one day it will all be settled and done. That is doubtful, as if anything I've ever done is "finished" completely. As I look back at the tappings I've done it appears that the correction thingy thinks I'm mispelling more than is usual. That is because I'm sharing and I'm not all that concerned with the form if it conveys the essence of meaning. I said once before in this blog that I would try not to write so much about the "project," as I now refer to it, but I find that I cannot do that. Much is to be done, and it may never end, and for that I am thankful. As we transition from land lines for communication to wireless the next few days I am reminded of how far we have come, and how far we have to go. I don't like change, you see, so the easiest thing to do is switch over to all wireless now and live with it until I move. Then at least one facet of my life will remain as I know it. What a deal! Cheryl is slumbering peacefully at this moment, the temp outside is 28, and in my office it is 38. I like those 10 degrees. Snickers was out a while ago to let me know that he needed to go out in the cold. For him that is better than a scolding in the morning. Other than that all is right in my world and I pray it is well with yours, also. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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