Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oliphants & Donkeys

What a strange mix of politics we are watching unfold. I know, this is an election year and we can expect some very strange things to happen, but has anyone noticed that things are getting more and more weird? Maybe I'm just old enough to have seen enough years(presidential election)and presidents to take note. I'm not saying anyone is right or anyone is wrong, but I do believe there is only one man in that boat hoping to escape the sharks. We can expect this to escalate into an old fashioned donnybrook before it is all said and done! (Does anyone use that term anymore?)
Riding the crest of the waves would be a good place for our boatsman to be. Right about now it would be wonderful to walk on water! I suppose, to be perfectly honest, I have experienced times in my own life when I felt as though I were being stalked by sharks. Every time, though, I have learned from the experience that faith is the factor that the sharks never understand. Even in pursuit of us they become lost in their own haste. Maybe that's why it is so difficult for some of our folks to distinguish truth from fantasy when running for office. They see the sharks, too, and they don't have the strength of character to close their eyes and simply pray the shark away.
The parting thought on these circumstances is.....There are times when the sharks need to be reminded that God is in charge and that their role is to be the entree, NOT the diner. Just a thought, but I pray you and I have the courage to really understand the issues at risk for our country this year. God is in control, and the sharks may easily wind up dining on one another. God bless, Preacher.

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