Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Much Needed Closure

We all have a need to find closure for the traumatic events in our lives. The move to a new location is generally in the top ten of stress related difficulties in lives. The old house came down ten days ago, and yet I did not revisit the site until a week later. I did the services and interments for both of my parents nine years ago and still have not made a return to that site. I suppose other folks are like I am in the respect that whatever the change it is difficult. This latest change will get easier as I began using the paneling and other stuff that I salvaged from the old house to the new basement. I've even preserved the house number, 1316, to place above the great stairwell leading from the addition to the basement of our project. Healing will come in time. Hopefully before Christmas. The top pic is looking at the old home from the street on Christmas day 2007. The reason I relate the events of the house coming down and the death of my parents is that I originally purchased the house at 1316 for them in '93 when dad was in a wheelchair and everything needed to be on one accessible level. So, there you have it, my most recent bout with depression.
I've found through the years that my best way of coping with unsettling events is to pray regularly(I do that anyway)specifically for the healing I need emotionally. God answers these prayers in His time and in His way. The positive side of the situation is that I know without a doubt that there will be healing, and prayers will be answered! After that it is up to me to deal with acceptance of the answers. We all have to go through something similar to this from time to time. Isn't it wonderful to know that God has already prepared a solution to our difficulties even before we knew of their existence. That is where the "trust" factor begins.
I cannot imagine what John McCain went through during his five years of captivity! He must have a wonderful trust of our Creator, not to mention the faith to follow his convictions even during the darkest of hours. I believe McCain will be a great president and that our country will experience(under his leadership)a truly needed closure to the difficulties we now share. I am personally offering prayer for the Republican nominees. Sarah Palin has gained my respect, and even though I am registered as a democrat I believe that they don't have the "right stuff" to pull my country back from the brink of depression.
Well, there you have my thoughts and feelings. It's time for me to get back to work on the positive sides of my personal closures. God never closes one door without opening another for those who believe. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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