Monday, June 27, 2005

Sounds Of Thunder, Flashes Of Light!

Once a year we have a street celebration for the Harley Davidson afficionados. It's a local SD thing called the "Jim's Tap Ride Through," and the name says it all. It began more years than I care to think about, ago, and has grown to include the blocking off of several streets downtown, riding skills demonstrations by local motor patrol officers(these folks are good!), contests for the bikers in attendance, and the grand finale is the riding of motorcycles through the tavern from the alley to main street. Sound like fun? It is! In an agriculturally based society where we have tractor pulls and corn events, this is another way for mid-americans to celebrate the summer. Food is vended on the street, folks mill about in crowds looking at the creations of the riders, and in an era where the chopper is celebrated on cable TV, we have them live and in living color! My youngest daughter has decided to start riding(I didn't remind her that she's been doing this since she was a baby, but back then, of course, it was on the tank in front of me. That's illegal today, it might have been back then, but in towns with less than 2500 people in residence nobody really worries too much about it)Jasmine made the ride through with her Godfather, Gino, of Raymond SD. He's been a part of my life for 25 years, it was sure great to see him! All in all, my wife referred to the day as, "PERFECT," and I have to admit, on this we were 100% in agreement.
Paul is pictured here with his lovely bride to be(I'm not sure he knows they are getting married yet. Don't tell him, I want it to be a surprise.) They're the ones blurred just a little, along with the unkown young lady on her own scoot coming through the lines of people. She was sure smiling for the camera, though. God provided us with a wonderful opportunity for true street ministry, and the following night the church's outreach concert provided a perfect vehicle for sharing the Word of God. There is not a single set of circumstances which I consider to be of the inappropriate type for sharing our love for the Lord, but there are some that work better. If you're out there practicing the "Great Commission," I encourage you in every way possible to get a handle on what works best for you and then do it and keep on doing it until you are certain it's complete. Have a wonderful week! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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