Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bringing Home The Truth On A Wing And A Prayer!

One of my friends is a pilot, flew for the U.S. Airforce doing fighter duty through one of the worst ordeals of our nation's history. Today he is a pilot searching for answers to all of the questions that plagued his mind as he "fought" for his country. There are very few corners of our globe he has not visited seeking the answers to the same historical data that many of us accept, without pondering the truth of that which we hold to be sacred. Dave's need is to prove out the faith that he fervently lives out as naturally as his heart beats. The past 15 years or so he has been off to the Holy Lands more than a few times, the middle east(when there isn't a war on)and Egypt, of course. His last letter to me was one of unrestrained excitement, that was about six months ago. Since that time I haven't heard from him, he flew home, spent Christmas and New Years Eve with family and friends, and then headed back out to continue with the thread he had found halfway across the globe. The truth of the biblical writings which I accept wholeheartedly are not an item of disbelief for Dave, quite the contrary, his mission is to once and for all make it irrefutable. A lofty goal, and one which I admire. Perhaps all of us are on a similar quest in one way or another, and just don't realize it! We leave the digging to someone else, and follow their progress in the blurps the media chooses to put forth as "newsworthy." The last event of such a momentous, earthshaking magnitude wasn't released until three years after I had learned of it first hand from someone who had been onsight. But then, I was not in need of the proof as some remain to this day! Truthfully speaking, we probably never will have proof that is "irrefutable," because no matter what anyone comes up with, however significant, it is still going to be argued by other persons in the academic world. A lot of what we think we know is conjecture, but I believe we can actually experience the relevant truth in our day to day lives through faith. Faith more miniscule than the tiny grains of sand which are whisked away by the archeologist's finest brush is sufficient to accomplish the greatest of miracles in our lives. Tomorrow is Sunday, again, and this week we will excercise our faith in miracle producing fashion as trust is placed first, last, and always in our living Savior. I'm looking forward to Dave "flying in" one of these days. The airport isn't far from the church, maybe a mile as the crow flies, but then, here in our community nothing is ever very far away! God bless, Preacher.

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