Saturday, July 16, 2005

Last Night The Dreams Were Endless!

Maybe it was too warm in the bedroom, Cheryl certainly seemed to think it was. Her night was a restless one with sleep escaping her until 2 in the am. As for myself, I fell asleep as I usually do, quickly(as in seconds after my head hits the pillow), and if a tree had fallen on the house I might have rolled over, but I would not have wakened. We never seem to know exactly when a dream begins, or when it ends for that matter, unless it is one of those nasty ones that wakes us with sweats and pulses that are trying to beat time to an unseen drummer. Last night I had the strangest dream, it was of a young lady that I have not seen in several years. At one time she was my youngest daughter's best friend, as in, the two were in separable. They are both over twenty now, and the young lady that I dreampt of was busy telling me about her new life, the one that includes a two year old daughter. Then the daughter was on stage and she was singing with her grandmother in their native tongue. The little girl ran back and forth across the front of the immense stage trailing a microphone cord behind her as she sang solo and unison verses with the grandma. As she moved to the edge she threw flowers and kisses to all who were near, and then continued singing as she rejoined her mom's mom. Her great grandmother was there, too, and in the wings there were several other grandmothers watching and smiling, they would have been greats and great, greats. Well, I saw it live and in living color tonight from the wings, stage right! Just as it was in my dream(except for the group of great greats)the little girl was out there singing with her grandmother, and that's when I realized that it was a "dream come true." Maybe it has something to do with talking to my daughter about the little girl's mom last night, but I think it was something very different. Maybe it was a premonition, or a vision(that's what some would call this experience) but it was truly a pleasure and one that will not be forgotten. The hour long drive returning home gave me time to consider all of the many possible explanations, but the one that I am happiest with is that of God's having chosen to show me a tiny bit of the future. Perhaps this is something that happens often to others, but, quite honestly speaking, this is only the third or fourth time it has happened to me in my entire life! I am going to pray about it tonight, as I do about all of the things that are questions and concerns. In the midst of that prayer I am going to ask God to "do it some more." When I awoke this morning fresh from the dream I had no idea what it meant,still don't for that matter, but I know it was real now. Maybe God was telling me something about more than just the immediate furture. I will surely let everyone know if that is the case. For now it is enough to give thanks for an amazing Creator who blesses lives everyday in new and wonderful ways. Rest well! God bless, Preacher.

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