Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Shooting Began In The Early Afternoon!

Gentle breezes and cool temperatures were the first indications of an unusually gorgeous day on the plains. Stepping boldly through the knee high grass I approached the spot where a full bore reenactment of the attack would take place. Western sidearm slung low, tied at the leg and hammer tethered in place, the ravenous trio of wolves were chosen and positioned for their silent attack. Bending low I waited for the sound that would indicate my brother's warning of danger and the demise of one of the approaching denizons of the tall timber. Before the first was dropped from a distance of over 300 yards they had broken into a lope across the frozen face of Maritou. A sound that was out of place on the mountain alerted every nerve in my being to danger! The thundering report of the .270 down slope was just reaching my ears as I whirled, clearing leather and bringing the .41 magnum Colt single action into a two handed combat stance. In an instant the first target running toward me was aquired, less than 30 yards separated us as the Colt spoke and the recoil bucked my hand. Eyes no longer focused on the lead wolf, somewhere the hit had registered in my mind and was dismissed in less than a heartbeat. The reflexes were tuned by a massive surge of adrenaline as the heart pumped wildly and my thumb automatically drew back the hammer, centering a fresh load. My next target lined up in the sights as snow dusted upward from my brother's second round. The report of the Winchester's lethal voice was simultaneously joined by the .41 magnum as both attempted to halt the third adversary. Again my mind registered events as they unfolded faster than the eye could follow. Caught by the .270 in the right flank the wolf was partially skewing to my right as the steel jacketed lead of the Colt threw him back and away. Suddenly as it had begun it ended. Silence reigned again on the mountain as I listened to the blood pounding my ears and the labored breathing of my lungs.
I had to give this a try to see if it was realistic, time wise, from the way it was written in the book. It spans less than five seconds on a stop watch! I had an opportunity to bring down a few of the bad guys, too, yesterday afternoon. After all, it was the 4th and people shot stuff off for days prior to last evening's finale of outdoor rock and roll followed by a display of fireworks that had the crowd cheering. During the festivities it occurred to me that we should celebrate the freedom we have in God's grace like this(maybe without handguns and explosions), too. Not as a replacement for Christmas, but rather, in addition to the current christian celebrations, during this time of the year that some ecumenical calendars mark as "Kingdom Tide." It probably wouldn't be sanctioned by the powers that be(catholic(universal)church) and might even be decried as pagan in practice and appearance by some, but for others I think it could be a time of renewal and revival. Didn't they use to do this and call them "tent" meetings? In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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