Thursday, July 28, 2005

What I Have Learned From 'Puters

Thus far(I began "using" 10-10-04)I have learned that most people do not give a rip for "how" it works, "why" it works, only that it works the way they expect it to and keeps on doing it day after day after day. Dependability, that is the key to success in the computer industry of the 21st century! I guess I had already learned this lesson during my early years, but some things evolve over time, and the lessons, although appearing to be new, really aren't. I suspect that the very first time the wheel was brought into focus as a means of transportation there were folks who were concerned about how to make it more useful, and overall, "better!" Now we get to the other side of the coin. There have always been those in our midst, for whom, no matter how "good" it gets, it's just not good enough. These can be subdivided into the ones who are working on it and the ones who are whining on it. We probably need both, but, personally, I could do with fewer of the latter. That's just me, though, and is not indicative of any general attitudes that others may share.
Now, if we place this type of thinking at the forefront of our perceptions of God, we come to a realization, that the lessons of life repeat themselves consistently. And isn't that what everyone wants, consistency? They do, and they don't, and that is perhaps why we spend so much time trying to "pigeon hole" our Creator in such a way that He becomes subject to our pleas(whinings). Have you ever wondered why God hasn't stepped forth the past couple thousand years to let us know how we're doing? The truth is, He has, He does, and He is, every day, but we aren't always tuned to the same frequency. It's a little like my favorite rock station on FM, there are some places where reception is just terrible. That's one of the small prices we pay for living on the Great American Desert. So with the advent of this new tool we have for the sharing of images and instantaneous communication across the face of the globe we end up so focused on what's out there, that we find it hard to turn about and look within ourselves for answers to the qusetions of life. God is busy about the continuance of creation just as surely as I'm tapping this out for publication on the blog thing(I haven't go a clue how that all works), and you and I need only take a deep breath and look "within" ourselves to perceive the presence of God in our lives. The next time you notice that the wheels aren't turning as well as you think they should(ie a flat tire), try pumping up the flat side of life with the spritual side of life, and learn just how nicely things can "roll" along. God bless, Preacher!

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