Sunday, August 21, 2005

The "Art" Of The Harvest

I received a call shortly after I got up(the crack of noon today)and quickly agreed to head out for Yankton, SD. Along the way to the arts fest I spotted some railway cars with their own displays of artistic talent. The fields are always "ripe unto harvest" according to the book that provides guidance for my life. I would have gotten to my destination much sooner had I not been stopping so often for pictures. I hadn't been on highway 81 for a while so I jumped west from interstate 29 and sought the rolling hills of the James River valley that leads to the Missouri. Today is Sunday and I'll be sharing God's inspiration with folks that come to church. Road trips such as today's provide many of the inspirations for preaching His word. I pray you enjoy the scenery a bit as you meander through my thoughts with me. I quite literally drank in the sights, sounds, and the foods of the day like one who has been on a fast. My favorite fellow was the farmer who came up with the artwork you see in the collage. He uses old disc blades and cuts pictures from them with a torch and then sells them to people. The workmanship is nothing short of superb, and the cost is not any where near what the pieces would be worth in a metropolitan environment. Since this is the first time I've worked with the new setup here I won't go on anymore with this section. You have a wonderful Sunday wherever you are. God bless, Preacher.

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