Sunday, August 21, 2005

Touring events on two wheels has many benefits, not the least of which is parking very close to events like "River Boat Days" in Yankton, South Dakota. "Cycle parking only" afforded me an opportunity to leave my HD across the street from the main entrance to the beautiful park along the Missouri river where each year thousands of people visit to enjoy another of our "Arts In The Park" events. (this one is about 130 miles from our front door) The day was perfect in every way, and the journey was worth every cent of the cost of fuel for my steel steed. Old friends and new awaited on the river, and if there is a regret present tonight it is only that I didn't get on my horse earlier in the day. Abundant sunshine on the high plains made the trip a shirtless affair, with brief stops for water(this is a really good idea when the temps are high and you're on two wheels)along the way. Unlike somedays on the road I wasn't even frustrated by the road construction zones that seem to be everywhere out here in the summertime.

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