Sunday, August 28, 2005

Enjoying Life First Hand

If there is anything more beautiful than experiencing the joys of life first hand it has got to be seeing joy reflected in the eyes of grandchildren. I captured a quick moment today, my grandson and his new friend Sheldon captured memories I pray they will both share until they're older than we grandparents, now! That's just one of the ways that God continues to bless our lives, the others are too numerous to list here. I had to laugh as I watched them going around the curves, the intense look on their faces could not have been any greater had they been participating in a Grand Prix or LeMans race(Isle Of Man for scoots). I still have those moments, myself, now and then. That feeling of intensity that comes with complete focus on the task at hand, be it preaching God's Word, or playing music in celebration of all He has given us to appreciate. Time passes so quickly when we put our whole selves into those moments in life that we truly enjoy. There are never quite enough hours in the day when we're sojourning in the land of infinite variety. If this sounds a bit like a commercial, that's because it is! It's a commercial about faith, spirit, and being truly alive. We never are quite so alive as when we enter into communion with our Creator. He made us that way! It might be an idea that you can't wait to share, an emotion that just must be allowed to burst forth on others, or the simple, quiet act of shared prayer that quickens the heart. We are designed in such a way that when we finally discover our wholeness in Christ we are brought minute by minute, hour by hour, into a fulfillment of joys that were never before possible. I thank God for the kids that can remind us of the feelings we had at that same age. I thank God for the opportunity to help them come of age in their own spiritual journey to wholeness in faith. In fact, I'm so thankful for the past few days that I have but one possible recourse available, and that is to share those feelings with you, and with my Lord. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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