Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Meanderings Of The Mind As Geese Fly South (Is it that time already?)

Pictures of Sturgis '05 are still coming in from various parts of the world. When there is such rampant devestation taking place in another part of our country it has become more and more difficult to view some of the pictures of people that we just spent so much time with, knowing that their lives today are completely upside down. Many in the ministry are already rolling toward the site of the worst of our nation's disaster carrying relief in a variety of forms. One semi out there on the road is being driven by the Lord and new pastor, Larry Jensby and his wife Stacy. What they carry with "Fireproof Ministries" is tools for every imaginable task and showers that can be set up in just a few hours. They serve Camp Jericho with the portable showers each year and then take them where they are needed, like right now, down south. I stuck in the picture of "Big Red" because I love the guy and I want everyone to know what a wonderful servant he is for the Lord. Red brings his guitar picking talents and his spirit filled sermons to us from out west. Should you happen to want to read about him and a ministry that "feeds" people in many ways, go to the Christian Crusaders site, that's a place, and you'll be able to pick up a link to this great guy. Up there at the top you see the lady that makes it all possible for my life to touch others with God's Word and His inspiration, my wife, Cheryl. She has the voice of an angel and uses that beautiful gift to give glory to the Lord as often as possible. We're both in prayer for our countrymen in the ravaged coastal areas of the US daily. And as long as I'm sending out prayers I would ask everyone to say a big prayer for Chad, wounded in Falujah. It was a head wound and he is headed for Germany as soon as he can be stabilized. The military will be flying his parents over to be on hand when he arrives. From the sound of things this was really bad, that he is alive right now is a miracle! So grab a pillow for your knees tonight or in the morning and ask for healing and may it be complete. I pray your life is good, and that with everything that's going on around it you can find plenty of time for the Lord. He sure has a lot of time for us, and He'll make more if we it. In Christ's Love, Preacher

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