Thursday, August 25, 2005

Taking Time For Friends

So now that I've figured out how this is working I think I'll go back to the old way. I now have my friend Gordon on the very top of the blog, and I'm writing about him last. I guess that is just how some things end up when you're learning. I probably spend more time with Gordon these days than any of the others, we share the stage quite often, and work together in music and stuff(Wednesday we hung mirrors). This shot is from my side of the balcony in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. There are so many more I should add here, but that can come another time. Tongiht my mind is mostly on the arts and faith we share, and how God has brought us together in one another's lives for doing really "good" things for other people's lives. In case you're wondering, the average age in this group would be 57, with a spread of about 12 years overall. Age really carries no significance in a group, though, unless you're really old or really young(this is a personal opinion and has no bearing on anything). What is it folks say about age? It's relative. You know what? This is fun, and I'm surprised I haven't done it sooner! Allow me to close this with a common thread that runs through the hearts and binds all of my buddies together. In the center of every one of our beings is the same Savior. I am only one of the firends that these men share. For everyone that you see here there are hundreds that they each have that are christian through and through. That implies that on this page you are viewing a witness of 5 lives via a 6th and when you total up the believing friends of the average 57 year old male in our group you've got a thousand that share the same Savior. I have no idea how that works in the city, but out here on the Great American Desert that "IS" a city. It also provides me with a great sermon topic for the Sunday that is coming. God bless, Preacher.

All too often we find ourselves running out of time to spend with people that we cared deeply about. School beginning this week and thinking over the excitement I had getting back to the chums I shared education with put me in mind of several of the fellows that you see here. Jim on top of the whole thing with his little buddy(Jim is a "Wing Nut" and that pup rides right where you see him either in the van or on the scoot around town). They both live out behind a little church over in Wyoming and we've been talking for about 12 years now. Faith concerns, mostly, and that's a common thread that I find binds all of us together even though most have never met one another. Gene up in that top corner has known me longer than anyone on the page, we go back to the late 70s. Another thing that puts thes men together on this page is their eyes, they are honest. Oh, they have great smiles to be sure, but if you were to meet them individually you would find that certain something that separates each from the crowd. Some(maybe more)of it has to do with their faith perspectives(everyone of them has an abundance of this spiritual commodity). I can say without a doubt that there are many more just like these five that come to mind when I start pondering my many faithful friends. My life is truly blessed that way! Now that I come to think of it, I don't suppose I could seat them all in our church. Thank you, Lord for so many! In case you haven't guessed, yet, this is yet another of my experiments with the new blog program to see how it fits things together. I'm a bit slow on the takeoff sometimes, but eventually I get enough altitude to keep the wings straight and see the horizon leveling off. That's a good thing, especially on two wheels! Now "brother" Richard is way up top, and that's okay, he should be. We've been talking about our Lord and sharing the ministry in numerous ways for 8 years now. This was the very first year that we had the opportunity to roll some roads together. It felt great! Thank you brother! Richard is a "certified" HD wrench that does wood turnings out in Wisconsin. He's on the West coast this week working another of the evangelistic outreaches that the Christian Crusaders sponsor.
I miss ya man! I can say this kind of stuff 'cause it's alright and they'll be reading right here the next few days. Next a big "HEY" goes out to the newest of this grouping, Blackhawk. A lyracist and guitar playing singer from Wisconsin that I met at one of the Arts Fests. We send Es back and forth, and tried to get together again in Sturgis, but it didn't happen, this time. Somewhere down the road a ways there's a stage(that can refer to a patch of grass where you set up to play)we shall share. That is something I look forward to, that and getting him together with a few of the other guys that play. Blackhawk has a combination faith, one that includes his ancestral roots, but is quick to point out that the only salvation which is attainable is found through faith in God's Son.

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