Friday, August 26, 2005


It's an "older than dirt" Soyo board that is dedicated to my learning experience with man's tech friend, I posted it simply because it has been the inspiration for my last 10 months of learning stuff. What a place to start! This was one of the first that the company put out, and, although ancient by today's standards, works rather well. I only say this from the perspective of a novice, but we've spent enough time together to really begin to understand what we can and can't do together. The person who sold me the computer on an emergency basis assured me that the one it was replacing was shot and that $385 was a "bargain" for this "fine" piece of equipment. And now you know why I began to learn. Have you ever purchased a used vehicle? There should be some sort of licensing program that tests people on their personality profile. That would omit anyone ever having to so much as meet the individuals that I have had the distinct pleasure of encountering. The last blog was about guys who are really down to earth, faith driven sorts, this one is just an outcry of my spirit as I continue to lift those who live in darkness to a forgiving God. Oh, by the way, the system I'm tapping on at this moment is the one that was shot beyond repair, and it works just fine on a day to day basis. It even scans almost as fast as the "rescue" machine that was purchased to run equipment at my wife's business. Live and learn, is an old addage, but holds as much water today as it ever did. We, as people, must continue to learn or we will wither and die on the vine of our physical presence. Another addage that comes to mind(am I spelling that word correctly? I guess I don't use it often enough)is from the latin language, "Caveat Emptor," or something similar. What it means is "buyer beware." In this world of high tech sales you are for sure going to find folks that have only one goal in mind when they meet you. That goal is to separate you as quickly as possible, from as much cash as possible! I know of one or two guys, now, that aren't(strike that two) there is only one that I've met out of perhaps 50, that is really on the up and up. By the way, with a family of four and presented with the struggle to earn, earn, earn, he could be converted to the dark side if some of his christian friends don't keep a close eye on him. There's a network around here that works just beneath the surface helping one another to do the "right" things on a regular basis. This is good! Prep work is under way for Sunday, and for Sundays a ways down the road. Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Resurrection, and then a Pentecost event! That's how I learned it as a child, and it still works for me. Christ The King Sunday preceeds the first Sunday in Advent, that's the service which actually prepares my heart for my Lord's coming anew this year. I may be working on it every day, but in my heart's calendar I'm marking days now. God bless you! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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