Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bringing Bits And Pieces Together

This is how our backyard looked late this Sunday afternoon. You see, I've been gathering up bits and pieces from everywhere in anticipation of the construction of a garden shed for my wife. I was going to get started last spring, but there was always something else that needed to be done. Cheryl, my wife, snapped these pictures so we wouldn't forget how it looks when a project is under way. I know, it faintly resembles the scenes you've been watching on the news from down south. Disaster, natural or manmade has the same appearance. We were called away early this evening or I might have finished the south wall(might is an operative term, and one to be taken very lightly when it comes to the time I make available for "personal" projects)had there not been a phone call requesting both of us for an unknown emrgency. Everything was okay, that's the good news. In the backyard everything is about the way you see it in the picture. The door does swing on it's hinges, and that is a plus. I have this thing about doors and windows, when they look just fine to me they don't work quite the way they were intended. Oh, they open and close very well, depending on how you hold your mouth and utter the magic words. Sometimes I think God has this enormous sense of humor as we go about the tasks of working our little piece of the anthill. If you happened to read the previous entry on my blog you would enjoy knowing that the alarm failed this morning and I was walking into the church at 10:25. Just in the nick of time! Another person I spoke with today got there around 11 and didn't come in because she realized she was running late and didn't want to; well you know. Did everyone have a day like that or just this corner of the world? All in all I must admit the day has been good. Sitting here tonight I would also admit that it wasn't what I expected, and that too is good! I'll see if I can get it all together tomorrow and make the pieces of the disaster come together in a shape more befitting a "garden shed" for the wife. I envision a place of quiet repose where she can pot plants and look out the window at the things she is creating with God's help(I could use some of that when it comes to building). Happy Sunday, and I pray your week coming up is a joy in every way! God bless, Preacher.

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