Friday, October 21, 2005

Images In Time!

Cheryl, my wife, has friends and family that know that her favorite color is purple(hence the new "purple" garage doors behind which my Harleys reside)and that she enjoys all of the shades that accompany this paritcular title. One of those friends forwarded this picture without any description of where, what, or when. It could represent almost any season here on the Great American Desert except winter. A friend over in Wisconsin warned me last evening of approaching snow. Another in Montana says they've begun the season of hard frost and morning warmups on vehicles. Two days ago I had to scrape frost from the windshield of my car before I could go anywhere. All the varied reports and the picture brought a thought to mind concerning "seasons" in life.
Wednesday evening we were in attendance at a party that encompassed four very alive
generations. We ate, we laughed, we sang, we played, and we prayed. All of this is not surprising to me. What I note tonight, though, is that with all the seasons of life represented there were no tell-tale delineations separating the youngest at 2 from the oldest at ?, all mothers and daughters. It was almost as though the ancestry in play extended for each to the encompassing reality of differences that are only present in the mind of those who are onlookers. I learned a new thing! When we are in the midst of our lives we cease to take note of the other lives around us. It is only in stepping away from ourselves that we can really see the truth and beauty of life's seasons as they emerge. I can remember being 2 when I look through the eyes of a little one, as clearly as I can remember being the age I am today. That holds true for the other ages represented at the gathering. No matter what the age, once you have experienced those years they are always a part of you. Today I would say that one of life's greatest joys is to be in the midst of intergenerational gatherings where people, regardless of age, are free to be who they are and share that "self" with others. The very young pray with the reverence that they see in those who surround them, and thus it will become a part of them as they grow. That reverence for things of the spirit may seem slight at the moment, but they are never forgotten. God speaks as boldly through the thoughts and actions of the young as He does through the words and deeds of those who are more mature. It is an attitude that separates the joyful, playful and prayerful from those who are not. The color purple in my ecumenical faith perspective is indicative of royalty. What a beautiful way for us to celebrate the seasons of life when we share our love of God in every way possible, just as God does with us throughout nature and more. The wonder of the winter lies ahead with the promise of spring's splendor to once more bring purple back to life. God bless, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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