Saturday, October 22, 2005

Winter Comes

I decided to title this edition the same as my first novel. It seemed somehow appropriate this evening. I was relaxing before stepping into the shower today, coffee in hand, stereo pounding out a pleasant background, when the first white flakes began to fall. There went the plans for the day. Within thirty minutes as I watched in awe the flakes grew in size and frequency until the backyard looked somewhat like a TV with no station coming in. Wet, heavy snow covered everything rapidly and I had to turn my back and get in the shower grumbling about all that was left to do to really "be ready" for winter this year. Oh, nothing major, now, just lots and lots of little things that should have been done yesterday except I was busy doing other things that had to be done. The barn has electricity now, and the lines to the garden shed are run but unconnected. The outdoor kitchen is just like it was a week ago when last I made use of it. Lawn chairs have yet to be stowed away(cushions and stuff, too)and the list goes on and on. No sooner did I step from the shower than the phone began to ring. An emergency call from my wife informing me that if I didn't bring lunch for her and a friend they would starve today. Out through the storm in record time with grilled chicken chunks in a beautiful salad with two sandwiches to accompany the feast I made my way through town. Some folks have a hard time getting used to driving in the snow(two accidents lay between me and my goal)so I opted to drive the side streets. I must admit the snow was beautiful the way it came down. So many reminders of God's grace in the midst of the day as the flakes covered everything equally. Streets of pure slush and gutters awash as the snow tried but failed to stay snow, slowed progress. I made it right on time, though, to deliver lunch and avoid the untimely passing due to starvation of two lovely ladies. Choosing to stay off the main thourough fares I was back home safely about twenty minutes before my first appointment. That was how the entire day went. Just in time to take care of what needed to be done and no spare time to fool around except for the minutes I spent walking through the backyard picking up the few things that shouldn't be gotten wet and taking these quick pics. All in all I'm sitting here smiling over the whole mess. The sun came out, the snow is gone, and all that remains is to arrive for services in the morning and enjoy some time in God's house with the warmth of friends and fellowship to surround me. There will be time to finish the things that must be done, I remind myself. Winter comes, and with it a whole new way of living for the balance of the year and a good portion of next.
I suppose that my greatest thanks today are given for the advance warnings I had from far off friends of impending weather. Or should I say, I thank God for friends that care enough to let me know when things aren't looking good. If things aren't looking really good in your life why don't you stop on in to a church tomorrow and see if getting a little "good news" can make a difference in your life. I'll be at 1st Baptist here in Brookings, but there are branch offices all over and we all work for the same boss. Have a wonderful Sunday, and be ready for winter. After all, it's the best six months of the year here on the Great American Desert...Lol...God bless, Preacher.

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