Monday, October 24, 2005

Welcoming Guests And Celebrating Love!

I have to be quick this evening. The temperature in my new office is at a chilly 48 and I'm dressed as warm as I can be and still use my digits. Today was fantastic! God blessed me in so many ways that even the pain of driving a nail into my finger by accident seems to mean very little right now(can't feel the fingers much at low temps anyway). We had surprise visitors to our home. A surprise to me, anyway. Cheryl and I have talked about getting a dog for years now, and most of the time I was not quite ready and she was not really sure. Today that all ended when she invited a co-worker from Astoria, SD to bring over a five month old Great Pyrenees male pup. She said if I liked him I could have him as my B'day present from her. I nearly fell off the earth for a moment. I had to say no, because I really don't want a pup coming to live with me unless I get him just before weaning is completed. It's a thing I learned back when I was breeding Poms that has never proven to be wrong. They just seem to train better and become a more attached animal that way. The main thing was that she has agreed to have one! Now the question is all about finding the "right" one. Isn't the kid that came with the dog cute(unfortunate that he can't come with the pup or I might have reconsidered)! It seems like there is a hitch to almost everything. While I'm in this celebratory mood, though, I would like to share with you that there is a blessing that comes without a single hitch. That's the love offered you in Christ from our Creator God.
That comes with a bonus, too, the indwelling of God's Spirit to make all things in life more beautiful and fulfilling. I don't know when the last time was that I had a day so filled with true heartfelt emotion. I tried to share my feelings with my wife, but I don't think she really appreciates it when I get so sentimental that tears begin to show. She truly made this a day to remember. Many thanks to You tonight, my Lord, for providing me with the most wonderful gifts a heart could ever desire. Your love is more precious than gold or fine silver, right after that is the love You have revealed in the heart of my wife. God, I thank You and Cheryl for this day! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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