Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time To Spare & Stuff On My Mind

This evening was the first in a few weeks that it seemed as though I might be getting close to ready for the coming winter. So much so that I took a few moments to let my creative side loose on the workbench for a few minutes. what I came up with is a toilet paper tree that allows a variety of users their choice of texture and comfort. It also provides space for "what to do" with that little bitty leftover roll that you hate to be wasteful and throw away. Constructed entirely from plexi round stock and quite well balanced, if I do say so myself, it affords the person making leisurely use of the facilities time to ponder their choices. For the decorator in each of us it gives another opportunity to express oneself in creative ways by mixing and matching the various prints and colors available. Top it all off with the "ever present" spare on top and it should be a winner in every department store. I'm certain you will be seeing something like this soon, if not already, at your favorite discount outlet or possibly even on the TV as a "special" buy one get one free offer. Just $9.95 plus applicable taxes, shipping & handling(of course)and it is yours. Nine color coordinated hues of bathroom background to choose from, including(for an additional $9.95)one that lights up and serves both as night light and dispenser extraordinaire!
Seriously, it was a wonderful break from the tasks that always seem to be at hand. Life is like that, busy with one sort of cleanup\fixup or another. It started as a joke for some of my E-friends, but now as I look across at it on the workbench I see real possibilities. That's what I think God sees in each of us, real possibilities! We are flawed, and quite often without any real purpose in life other than to live out our days eating, sleeping, and working. When the Master takes the time to wield the tools of His Spirit, though, some very amazing things begin to occur. I suppose the first thing that I noticed in my walk was less focus on me(inward)and more focus on others(outward). It can be an awakening from which there is no recovery, only complete, sweet surrender. I won't repeat the catch phrases here, you already know them. What I will add to tonight's creative side is an opportunity to be more each day than you were the previous day. You know where I'm headed with this, Christ! He is the one to take up the reins of our unruly lives and guide us down paths that will truly be a blessing in the lives of everyone around us, and ultimately, to ourselves as well. There I go on that selfish streak again. Have a wonderful day, and know that I am praying for you along with the rest of our world. God bless, Preacher.

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