Saturday, October 29, 2005

Preacher's Peeves

I don't know for certain that the word "peeves" is in common useage at this juncture in linguistic history. It probably is of little concern to many but I for one have become tired of people rewriting history to suit the whims(probably another archaic term)of their fancy. Oftimes(maybe I belong in a different century)the rewrites are done on the basis of appeasement for a special interest group. More often than not these days it is done for financial gain. I was recently informed by one publisher that if I really wanted to write something the public would "buy" I needed to be toatally controversial on something\anything. I submitted my thoughts and lo and behold the first one to bite the big one was about angels. People, it seems, do not wish to be told that angels are not cute little cherub people with wings, or beautiful women who dress in wisp thin apparel and do good deeds. I must assume, therefore, that people for the most part are not really interested in the truth, they want something that will titillate their fantasies and allow them to enter into a warm fuzzy relationship with their misconceptions. Whoosh! Is this truly the depth of modern intellect? Having now watched some TV after a 10 month hiatus from that form of entertainment, I discovered that not much has changed. Whatever it is people are trying to sell one another, it sells better with sexual overtones and subliminal messages designed to perk the excitable portions of modern minds. It really isn't such a modern idea. Hence(boy there are a lot of those old words)we have the statue\picture of the angel in a short skirt with naked breasts. This once more proves beyond a shodow of a doubt that if you dress it up right somebody will buy it. (Have you seen the HOG monthly with real life pigs dressed up in sexy costumes as a type of pin-up calender?) Well, there you have it! I've gone off on a tangent and wound up chasing smoke. Angels were guys. Big, scary, and very much the servants of our Creator God. They did get a little sidetracked with the beauty of human females for awhile(lust is no stranger to the dweller in heavenly realms)but we must reconcile that with God's forgiving nature and anticipate that all is well that ends well. Christmas is coming! For God's sake this year avoid supporting those foks that would sell you angels in the guise of hollywood. For that matter, avoid spending your money on any product that is hawked by means of sexual innuendo. Oops, that would mean foregoing purchases of most apparel, hygene products, and virtually everything else out there in the market place. There has to be another answer for tapping into the mindset of modern day America. I'll keep searching, and please let me know if you spot anything out there(exclude visions of Julia Roberts as an angel, please)! In Christ's Love, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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