Thursday, October 27, 2005

Signs Of Continuing Faith

It's amazing what you see on a rainy day when you've got your head down to avoid the drops. I ended up parking at the wrong church on this particular day. 1st B is another block west, but it was raining and I was in a hurry. I parked the car under the first sign and as I stepped out I saw the second. I suppose that is when I realized my error. Jumping back in the car I sat looking at the second sign and realized that I had never seen one of these before. Probably sounds strange to some, but we can go through life thinking that we are "seeing" the signs around us and then, quite suddenly, discover that there is still more to see if we keep on looking.
I found it quite ironic to view the sign of the fish painted on the storm drain cover. I sat there listening to the rain tap on the roof of the car and pondered the sign of the fish. Symbolic for centuries as the "secret" logo that marked gathering places for christian believers. How thankful I am to be in a country in which we do not have to hide our faith. And then, as I thought, it came to me. Here I am in the 21st century living in America, a country founded by believers, that now seeks to irradicate any and all forms of public witness to God and His only Son, my Savior. We seek to legislate when, where and how the emblems of faith may be displayed, and forbid prayer in public places such as schools, while at the same time ordering the ancient sign of the fish to be painted on walkways. "Can it be," I thought, "that all across America cities are painting this symbol on their sidewalks and curbs?" What a blessing this is! If the time ever comes when we have to begin meeting in secret again we already have a system of markings for meeting places provided for us by the same government that would prevent us from displaying this sign in public places. Lol.........Ain't God great? Absolutely awesome! Do you think anybody else knows about this? Is it perhaps a "Christian Conspiracy?" Nope, it's just the way our country works. When a disaster strikes we see the cross everywhere. When we are in the midst of deleting God in one way, He just pops back up in other places. Ya just can't keep a good God down! In Christ's Love, Preacher.


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Preacher said...

Viagraa3, my E-mail program has been sticking you into the "delete" group because of your handle. Try getting back to me at In Christ's Love, Preacher.