Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Saga Of The Simple Garden Shed!


It began a few years ago as an idea for which I started accumulating the various parts and pieces to bring to fruition. The final touch came this past spring when they did city wide cleanup day. Someone threw out a huge solid wood door buried in multiple coats of paint, the last being purple. I now had everything necessary to make my wife's dream come true! A place where she could compel seeds to explode from the dirt inside small plastic and clay pots in relative comfort and peace. The plan has now been altered several times and the final rendition is standing behind the barn, lacking, of course, the scene you see above. Now if I can just locate that place and get some measurements plus a few more supplies.
In addition to pounding the streets seeking lost souls today I had an opportunity to converse with families that have some very real needs. Basic things like an end table are needed to make life more livable. How far we remove ourselves from the needs of others in our lives when we pursue our own dreams and goals is directly proportionate to how wide our eyes are open to the folks around us. Quickly we respond when disaster strikes somewhere in our country, and the outpourings never seem to be enough, but we keep trying. Jesus spoke to us and informed us that the "poor will always be with us," that has never changed. What I'm suggesting tonight is that each one of us look around in our own "backyards" for those who are in need and find new ways to help others. Here on the Great American Desert we are facing a harsh reality of winter that will be upon us soon. Heating costs are going to eat people alive! Resources are going to be stretched to the max, and there is no end in sight. South Dakota is already well over budget for heat assistance to those who qualify. More government aid is being requested and will probably be gotten. There are other answers! Let us open wide our eyes each day and see those in our midst who are in need and find a way to do a "thing." Jesus spoke with Peter and told him to "feed His sheep." This can be taken a lot of ways, but for this moment let's consider feeding a family one night this week. Pizza Hut, my favorite, the Pizza Ranch, Burger King or MacDonalds(you'd really be surprised at how many folks never eat any kind of takeout because it is just not in their budget. I'm running with a thought and asking you to enter into it with me. Consider dropping off a value meal to a shutin. Invite someone to your home or out to dine. They may be suspicious of your motives, but what the hey, if they're well fed they'll forgive you, I'm sure. We live in a city(burg)of 20,000 here in Brookings, SD. There is enough food thrown away because it can't be sold each day to feed hundreds. It must be the same everywhere! Maybe there is nothing you think you can do, or maybe you believe you've already done your part. We haven't, though! In the greatest nation on earth if any child goes to bed hungry you and I are at fault and we need to challenge ourselves to make a difference in someone's life. This is a big ball, but if we get it rolling others will help us keep it rolling. I'll get the garden shed done this week, and it will never resemble that picture, but there are pictures we can conjure up in our minds that are attainable. An elderly person's thankful smile for that truly "Happy Meal," or how about watching a kid just go nuts enjoying a sundae. Yeah, there is something every one of us can do. The rewards will far outweigh the cost. Here I go, idealizing again, but maybe, just maybe if we put all the pieces together in the right way everyone's lives will be better for it tomorrow. God bless, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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