Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dakota Blizzards

I received the picture you see above 9 days ago. I think it was supposed to have happened on the 5th. I'm not sure because I don't watch the local news, or the national news for that matter, on television. TV and I have had a parting of the ways due to the addictive nature of my personality. You see, I've learned that if I really enjoy doing something it is okay to be doing it but it must be justified in my mind as being somehow profitable(and I don't mean money). We got the new satellite dish installed on the north east corner of the roof about 6 weeks ago. Prior to that we had been without incoming television signals of any kind since January 1st. The first few weeks were strange, but after that I got more and more used to the time I had available to do other things. I realize there is a lot to be said for the entertainment value found in television as compared to other forms of passing time, but as of right now you'd have to say those things to someone else. The first television in our house came through the door in '53 and life was never quite the same after that. As a child I grew to love "Howdy Doody" and "Pinky Lee." Through the growing years and the advancements of technology I watched in awe the exploration of our solar system, and the first walk on the moon. One might say that it took me a total of 50 years to become disenchanted with the TV. My downfall probably came as a result of the SciFi channel and the History channel. How's that for a mixed bag? Now I just distance myself from the tube in an effort to better my life. I'm addicted to books, too, but they aren't as demanding as television. The movies are interesting when advertised, but there is something lacking in them, too. Maybe it's because they aren't "real," but then I don't think golf is real anymore, either. Perhaps this winter when the snows settle in I'll find some time for enjoying the occasional movie with my honey on the love seat, but as for now, I've broken a habit and I'm avoiding getting hooked again like the proverbial plague. And another thing, my Bible gets used a lot more now than it did a year ago. Could that have something to do with the TV? God bless, Preacher.

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