Saturday, November 05, 2005

Helpful Hints 329-335

When preparing a "scalloped" meal use a baking dish that is slightly smaller than the portion you wish to prepare. Carefully line the pan\dish with aluminum foil and let it extend about an inch above the edge. Cleaning time afterwards is a breeze and your oven will thank you for helping to keep it from exuding smoky odiforous emanations during the baking process! When seeking a "center" of calm in your life it is useful to draw upon images that guide you toward that sense of calm you seek. When traversing mountainous regions in a 1937 Dodge pickup take care to have all the tools necessary for rebuilding the engine in the back along with a host of spare parts and, whenever possible, have your mortorcycle along on a trailer or flatbed conveyance! When in Frankfort Germany be certain to dine exclusively on the local quisine. I realize it is a temptation to drop into the "American" fastfood emporiums, but what with the sentiments concerning our country running at an all time high, it is best to avoid giving away your country of origin. When seeking to share your christian heritage it is always good to have prepared well ahead of time by actually knowing in whom you believe. When using a computer becomes a frustration rather than a joy it is time to quit! Upon completion of a thousand mile journey to meet your enemy make certain the journey is his! Finally.....When the days grow short(I'm talking about life here)is a good time to begin making plans for your eternal future, but not the best time! The best time is right now, today. The free gift of Salvation in my Savior is yours for the asking. Christ is ready to receive all who will come to Him and desire the freedom of truth and light! In His Service, Preacher.

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