Saturday, November 05, 2005

Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination!

Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm not as prepared this week as I would like to be, but then who can really be prepared for a Sunday of communion? When we come forward to partake of the elements of communion we are supposed to be really aware of the state of our hearts and in the process of doing everything we can to cleanse them before God. From my faith perspective this is the ultimate test, short of meeting my Savior face to face, of the strength of belief that is within me. Can I really forgive every wrong that has been done me? Can I truly find it in my heart to repent of the evil thoughts that have floated to the surface of my mind when confronted with an abolute idiot on the streets? Do I truly repent of that desire to throw a punch instead of share a kind word? How far removed must I be from my human side as I step forward once again? In our humaness there is some of this that I am certain sounds impossible, but when god speaks to our hearts and knows our repentence for the vile creatures we are He does add forgiveness to the long list of blessings we receive in faith.
I'm going to be gone for about a week starting tomorrow. My wife, Cheryl, and I are headed south a thousand miles or more and visiting with friends I have yet to meet. Tonight I am both excitedly expectant and sadly hesitant. I haven't begun to pack yet(if this were a journey on two wheels I would have had that done yesterday)and I wonder if that is a sign that I am not really ready for the journey? In my heart of hearts I believe that my preparation for the journey begins tomorrow with the moment of communing with my Savior. Each day is a new beginning, and each journey provides opportunities to serve. Our unique opportunity to commune within the Body of Christ is so important that it has often been on my heart that we whould commune together in the fellowship of the sacred meal each time we gather. I'm afraid most church attenders would rapidly tire of this event and decry it's frequency. Perhaps it is good that we celebrate communion only once a month. I also keep in mind that we celebrate a personal "communion" with our Lord each time we offer prayer. Maybe that is why we need to cleanse our hearts so well. Much of life is a mystery as is the celebration of the Holy Sacraments. But then, the events of each day are a surprise, too! So it is good that we have the opportunity to share with brothers and sisters in the Lord wherever we meet them. I pray that your Sunday is a blessed one and that your heart is constantly being mended by the love of our God that cares for each of us so beautifully. In Christ's Love, Preacher.


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Preacher said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing the sight mentioned. God bless, Preacher.