Friday, November 18, 2005

Warmer Days

This is just the beginning of winter on the Great American Desert. I haven't bothered with a coat yet(although I have gotten out some gloves), anything above zero without wind is sweater weather. The snow fell beautifully for a short time today. A "light" dusting for the ground, just enough to keep it looking fresh. Pile up on the interstate involving a semi, schoolbus and a few cars. Nobody seriously injured, but a good reminder for those of us that travel often, the overpasses are particularly tricky when weather conditions are like we have had lately. I give thanks tonight for the summer we had. So much beauty, and so little time. Thanks to my lovely wife we have cactus flowers blooming all over the house. I'll get some pics of them the next few days and see if they perk up your spirit the way they do mine. Some days seem so bleek, and yet there are always opportunities to be found. I've felt much like hibernating lately, but the opportunities knock on the door and call on the phone, once in awhile they pop up on this little 'puter screen, too, and I'm thankful. Every living moment we have is time freely given for us to make choices. We can choose to do nothing(some days I lean this way when it's cold), we can choose to get out there and do something, or we can take a little time to 'DECIDE' what God is calling us to do. I don't mean that we make the decision, what I mean is deciding what He is actually telling us. Prayer is very helpful, but you really can't beat listening to the voice of that spirit that dwells within each of us. Tonight I've been listening, and I love the answers that I have received. It is good to be in the midst of life, even when it's cold. God bless, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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