Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Long Ago A Mansion

This home was spotted about six months ago when the weather allowed me to roam freely on the Harleys. Once the trees have leaves this forgotten mansion on the Great American Desert becomes virtually invisible. Today I drove(four wheels unfortunately, the temp was only 16 degrees)the frozen ground and found no obstacles to prevent my intrusion on this sleeping giant. The age of the trees which have begun to push the wrap-around porch out of alignment indicates 75-80 years of disuse. Once warmed by two huge fireplaces and a wood cookstove in the kitchen, this relic now feels like a walkin freezer. I don't know if that would change in warmer seasons, but I may have the opportunity to find out now that I know it is safe to explore. The main staircase has rotted to the point of no return, but the stairs up from the kitchen were in workable condition. Seven bedrooms and immense halls and closets greet the visitor on the second story. Ceilings in excess of 10 feet everywhere, and the door you see standing open on the south side upstairs was to gain access to the porch above the porch. All of the old railings were beautiful, but sadly fallen down and buried in the refuse that collects in places like this. My imagination has a tendency to run wild when I explore and today was no different. This house was so filled with life long ago that even the years cannot still the holidays that were celebrated in grand style. The formal dining room is large enough to seat at least 20 people to dine with appropriate cabinets built into one end large enough to house my entire kitchen. Remnants of wallpaper and paint shared indications of decore commensurate with affluence. The residents were well to do back when the 20s were roaring in the US. The day room opens directly on to the porch on the north side, almost like we would have a deck built on our modern homes. There was one indoor "water closet" upstairs, and another immediately below on the main floor. It seems like I shouldn't go to these places alone, but for the most part I don't know anyone who would care to be there with me. The master bedroom was a true joy to behold. It has two immense closets and a third room on it's north side that was probably for the babies and there must have been a lot of those here. Floors, as always, have to be tested slowly for the bearing of weight. This place has been pushed so hard by the trees that there is hardly an area that doesn't creek and tremble at every footfall. I did happen to think during one heartpounding moment as a bedroom floor began to sag perilously fast over in a walk in closet that someone would surely find the car and investigate, someday! God never deserts me, nor allows me to get into anything I can't get out of, so my prayers of thanks for that watchful angelic presence were winging there way heavenward in a stream of conciousness that keeps me tuned in to my Creator. As I wandered the rooms I pondered the fate of those who dwelled here long ago. Perhaps one day we will have an opportunity to choose what kind of home we would like to have in heaven. I think I'd enjoy one like this! Needs a little fixing here and there, but all in all it has some great stories to tell. God bless, Preacher.

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