Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yesterday's Time!

It would seem in our lives that there are always some things that we have not the time to complete. For one reason or another we simply don't get it done. There is always another day coming, is a thought which crosses our minds on a frequent basis. So it was this year with winter prep here on the Great American Desert. Some things are ready, some are not. When it comes to our salvation many of us put off making the commitment far too long. Tonight I pray for one such individual who was laid to rest this afternoon. Dave passed away at the ripe old age of 53 last Friday, alone in his home sometime late Thursday or early in the am. His passing wasn't really important until he didn't show up for work, then he was missed. I wonder if he had everything ready? How about me, am I ready? My own persoanl answer is a resounding, YES! I'm ready to go home, but I fear there are many out there that have no clue as to where home is or what it takes to be certain of getting there. Last week it was easy, I just kept driving until, finally, I was in my own driveway. We are never going to have the time, energy, resources, or wherewithall, to complete all of the things we have begun. That, for me, is the perfect reason to be taking care of last things first. I may not have my back patio cleared and ready for winter, but everything at a distance is done, including a way to get out the trash. Getting the garbage out of our lives is the first step towards being prepared for going home. If you're anything like me just living day to day for 50 plus years means that you have accumulated a fair share of refuse. We do not have to keep it with us, and we do not have to live in the midst of it. We can be free! In Christ we can find the freedom to be who we are, how we are, and where we are in the midst of the years that God has granted us. If you have a plan for your life, I pray it includes a "how to" plan for when you are no longer experiencing a beating heart. They say our brain activity continues for well over a day after we pass away. I wonder what we think about! As for me I don't want to be regretting the things I didn't finish. Plan now for that early retirement and you can be assured of a peaceful hereafter(that's a lot better than working in the snow tomorrow)and also gives us an opportunity to live fully today! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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