Sunday, January 01, 2006

Last Thoughts For The Year

Although it is now 2006 I count this with the 2005 notes. The shots you see above were taken during the course of the latest winter storm to assail the Great American Desert. 80 miles south the wind hit 30 mph and the early morning snow became a blizzard. Hundreds of miles north the world ceased to exist within the confines of a world known only to those who survive on the prairies of Dakota. That's the way winter life is out here. Today the sun broke through in the late afternoon and I(should have been practicing at the church, but it was too cold in the sanctuary anyway)got caught up in the wonder of the ice and snow. The 35mm which I rarely use these days came out of my camera bag and I drove through town shooting postcard perfect(well, we won't know that until they are developed)pictures of our current winter wonderland. Just moments ago I was on the phone simultaneously with my youngest daughter and my wife. Did you know you can hold a cell phone and a land line phone up in such a way that the people you are talking to can talk to each other? It was good, and that is what I have to say about the year 2005! It was good! We are doing much better than I thought we would be doing, and we are breaking new ground every day in the service of our Lord. I can't list my prayers for the new year, they will have to come a little at a time, as does this online endeavor. I pray for our world most of all, and I wish to give the very best, as God has done for you and me. I wonder what the next chapter of my life is going to include, as I'm certain most of us do this time of year. The possibilities are as boundless as the sunshine that lit up our world today! The future is as bright as we are willing to believe it to be. May God guide your every waking moment. May your every day be a "wonderland" to explore with eyes made bright by the love to be found in Christ! May you come to find all that you desire in the year that is ahead of us. A simple prayer, offered by a simple soul seeking to share the love of God with all. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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