Monday, December 05, 2005

South Dakota Sites

Yes, it's our home finished(somewhat)for Christmas. I suppose everyone has heard and seen pictures of the "Zip" undestruction in Sioux Falls, SD by now. The undemolished edifice that was once a feed mill has an uncertain future due to unforeseen difficulties encountered during a recent demolition effort. The cold weather also plays havoc with fireworks as evidenced by the recent mishap at St. Joseph's Cathedral. We're pressing 10 below zero outside as I write. It's a little early in the year for temperatures this low, but nothing that we have not experienced in the past. Nearly 6000 people are still without power according to one source. That's in an area 70 miles west of our location here on the Great American Desert. My only comment has to do with how catastrophe in rural areas never gets the coverage as disaster in populated sectors. That is the way of the world and it cannot be changed. We gathered for prayer at a friend's home this evening. Four generations gathered in a circle holding hands to pray for one another and for the lives of others. The gathering was the offshoot of a mini-celebration. The home's owners had just won first place in the annual Christmas Decorating contest. Life never ceases to amaze me! The interesting footnote to this evening has to do with prayer and how we accomplish that task. Our youngest was 2 and sound asleep. Our eldest was a bit more advanced in years. The important part for me was the sincere manner in which the 8 year old and 10 and 12 year olds shared the prayers as loudly as the older folks. I thank God tonight for the innocent way children show their trust in the unseen God. I thank that same Creator for listening intently to all of our prayers. I thank His Spirit for moving in our midst and keeping us mindful of the presence that transcends human experience. Most of all I give thanks tonight for the love we share and the care and concern we have for others whose names we need not know, just that they need our prayers. I pray you have many in your life who need your prayer and support. That may be the one deciding factor that separates the believers from those who are "members" of a church and little else. Belonging to a Body of Christ is a good thing, but it brings with it many responsibilities. Prayer is one of those responsibilities. Pray often, know to whom you wing your prayers, and pray them fervently. Our God who is in heaven knows us so well, and really does answer those prayers. Not always the way we might choose, but isn't that why we say, "according to Thy will, not ours?" In Christ's Love, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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