Monday, December 05, 2005

Seasons In Life

Schedules have been altered, life has once again transformed itself into a new and different state on the Great American Desert. My fondest wish tonight would be for that state to be Texas. West Texas, out near Monohans, the temperatures are in the 40s, brrrrr. I remember wondering when I lived there why people bought coats when it was so warm. Winter changes a lot of people's attitudes out here. With the first snow come the minor accidents around town where folks from one car jump out to push others stuck in drifts. People slow down for about 24 hours. The insidious honkings at anyone's incursion on driving space ceases for a few days until everyone should be used to the road conditions. After that if you are causing a difficulty for anyone you are considered stupid and unworthy of a driver's license. Notably the ambulance and police car sirens are back to normal, none tonight. That's a good thing! It means people are getting accustomed to the season we are now in. The season's of our lives on a day to day level have a way of catching up with us from time to time. For me that is one factor that takes a lot of getting used to. (Why on earth does the back have to ache after only a few hours of shoveling?) The biggest mental change is in going a little slower(I don't mean in the car, but that, too), allowing more time for things to be completed, and not being so much in a hurry. Perhaps another reason why we move slower is the taking of time to appreciate the beauty of our newly aquired winter wonderland. The trees are gorgeous draped in snow, and the morning air is filled with ice crystals once again. When the sun chooses to shine the world sparkles so brightly that sunglasses are once again needed for getting about. There are Sundays when God's Word shines so brightly that I feel as though I need some shades to really take it all in. Attendance was down this communion Sunday, but the brilliance of God's Spirit was so bright we hardly noticed the size of our gathering. People are like the seasons we experience in nature. We are all going through different portions of the timeline of life. I love the enthusiasm of the older sisters in our Body of Christ. Their optimism is contagious! Then there are the young mothers, the younger mothers, fathers of grands, greats and uncles to many we must take into account. Each individual at a different season in their own life, yet touched by the same words of scripture that direct us toward a life which is eternal and transforming. Snow won't worry us, neither will the heat of day. Maybe it's the living in Christ that makes even the chilliest of days wonderful! Or maybe it's just that God is already busy about the business of transforming our human nature as we progress through our seasons of life. Whatever the case I pray that this special season finds you blessed by the beauty and wonder of life that surrounds each of us. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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