Thursday, December 01, 2005

Don't Get Buffaloed!

The pic of me out in Stugis astride the Harley "Buffalo" is from this past August. I suppose it's indicative of a mind set that is choosing to think back on warmer days rather than fully focus on the drifted snow that must be removed from our driveway when the sun comes up. The day Cheryl shot the photo I was sweaty, smelly, and totally immersed in the excitement of the possibilities for ministry the day held for the two of us. Our newest CD debuted on stage that evening at Camp Jericho with the Christian Crusaders and many of our friends in attendance. That seems like a long time ago and far away from the realities of today. Fans are wonderful people who place a level of trust in their favorite performers. They trust us to bring them musical messages of hope, faith, fun, and inspiration. The weekend approaches with more shifts in the schedule than time may permit. At least the double bookings are local. As long as I can get from campus to the open house without interference from the snow bound streets I'll be just fine. I suppose all of us know what it is like to thread that needle of time constraints. Our Lord walked that line often in His ministry. There were always fans that wanted more of what He was offering. Some times Christ would withdraw for a time to rebuild His energy level for the tasks that lay ahead. Often He would take His closest and most trusted fans with Him when He withdrew. During the passing of 2000 years my Savior has continued to have faithful fans throughout every age. I'm very proud to be one of His fans right now! I know He will not disappoint me in any way. He never does. No matter what it is that I am in need of, strength, time, patience, daily sustenance, He is there to provide. These days our fans ask a lot of us. Being "up" for the "gig" has never been easy, but knowing that there is one who has interceded for each of us can be our most powerful weapon when it comes to combatting the emmisaries of the enemy. Remember that old saying, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?" That holds true in all walks of life, extremely so when we walk in faith. It's okay for us to doubt ourselves as long as we never doubt our Savior. Know in whom you place your trust and let it never be shaken. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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