Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blizzard Remembrance

It came down, rain, hour after hour, drenching our world. The temperatures began to drop and the wind rose. Reports came in on the radio and the TV, interstates closed, schools cancelling quickly. This was the first of winter's true attack on the Great American Desert. Friends a mere 20 miles out were stranded without power for 28 hours in one place, two days in another. Trees gathered ice and snapped in the wind causing damage to homes and yards. Communications were limited in some areas to wireless only. Road crews were called in from their rounds due to the lack of visibility. Life as we know it came to a slow, freezing halt. Ice on vehicles reached a depth of a quarter inch right here at our house. The entire north side of the house became coated with a sheet of ice(hopefully the snow will drop tomorrow so I can take pictures)and our patio window which looks out on the backyard filled with powdered snow until there was not an inch left uncovered(the window measures 24 feet by 8 feet)! Darkness reigned over the living room during daylight hours. In the very midst of the storm, though, there came a blessing. Her name is Kyra. She is my 4 1\2 year old grand. We decorated today!!! No preschool, no way to really get around, and nothing to do but enjoy one another's company. What a day! We decorated, ate too much candy, enjoyed some pie and pizza(in that order)and for the most part let the rest of the world take care of itself except during mealtime prayers. I had to return her to her mom at 6. She returns tomorrow at 9 in the am for another day with Cheryl and I. Tomorrow evening the Governor of SD will be in town for one of those political dinners($1000 per plate fund raiser at a friends home). We'll be there helping with final preparations for his visit, and in the midst of it all we will be celebrating the coming once again of the Christ Child in our hearts. I noticed that the time sort of sped by today as we did our various activities. Maybe life is always like that but we just don't notice. I give thanks tonight for the wonder of a storm, the warmth of our home, and the safety we have been given in being able to take care of one another. We are all alive and well, and the days will continue to march forward to the birthday celebration that is coming. Holidays and storms give us much cause to remember. Even the worst of storms are not without their blessings if we take the time to see them for what they are. I pray you are enjoying the coming of Christmas with those closest to you and creating memorable moments you can share for years to come. God bless, Preacher.

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