Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Moment!

I've been wandering around through my pictures tonight. I guess I never really caught up after the Christmas season and the church programs and the other things that just went on and on. Amazing how much stuff can happen in a matter of a few weeks! Babies are born, people pass away, parties come and go rapidly and someone is always in need of your attenion. I think the babies are the most fascinating for me. Having spent a whole lot of years baptizing them and then coming to full knowledge and understanding that it is not enough to simply be "baptized" as a baby to receive the fullness of God's offering for our lives, I get sort of locked in to this mental rut that has me trying to remember every baby and get back to them about their salvation. I've managed to do that with a lot of them, now. The list, though, seems endless at times, and there are those that have moved away, and worse yet, the ones that have passed away without ever having been informed of the truth of God's plan for their lives. There are things in life that we must not leave "undone" simply because we never may get another chance at that moment. In ecumenical circles we often refer to "sins of ommission, and sins of commission" as different breeds of the same animal. We all walk a path toward the(for the most part)unknown. Even when I am certain of what lies ahead I still don't know the particulars. If you ever want to get together and pray about this or other matters, let me know. I'm in God's service, today, and tomorrow, and until I get a release notice or "fair-thee-well" I will continue. In Christ's Love, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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