Thursday, January 05, 2006

Novel Indulgence!

I love wheels! Always have, from my earliest memories on I have been fascinated by them. Maybe it is because the circle is so perfect. This vehicle is an antique by today's standards. Built back in '60 or '61 with a four cylinder, aircooled engine and a new vision on ease of mobility. Forerunner of the van and the PPVs and SUVs, a hybrid! The cyber age is upon us, and I don't think the world has a clue as to what we'll be seeing by way of innovations during the next 40 years. I do know this, though, we are losing much of the importance of communication in our haste to do it better. I've been informed recently that the book is going to be obsolete. Already people are changing the manner in which they communicate with one another at an intimate level. Through the coming of age of the computer we have drawn away from one another, and away from our collective Creator. Perhaps a "new god" has appeared and turned our hearts and minds away from the true God. I think this is a part of what is happening across the globe. In the midst of the declining christian church we are struggling day by day to keep alive the "old" ways. This puts me in mind of many of my native friends. We can learn a lot from their culture. Right here in the midst of all the changes the 21st century brings with it we can find the means by which to keep alive the "true" paths to righteousness. God holds a crown for His followers which surpasses any and all worldly knowledge or wealth, even that which rolls on wheels. The crown is awarded to those who choose to follow Christ and believe. Now, why is it so hard for folks living in an age of cyberspace to grasp the truth of the unseen? Perhaps it is for lack of understanding. Or, perhaps it is because so many of the religious leaders of the past 50 years have fallen prey to worldly ways. Maybe our faith has become unfashionable. Or maybe we just have not been able to crack the nut of understanding which is afforded us through the new tools of communication. Thought for tonight....Christ did not set forth on His ministry journey following in another's footsteps. He blazed new trails! He opened hearts and changed lives by giving His own. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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