Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Recipe From The Pastor's Pantry

I love to cook! I like eating, also, but that's not where the real action happens in a kitchen. Beginning with the very first time I burned my nose on a cake pan I had been warned to stay away from, I had the desire to create wonderful foods for folks to enjoy. My grand daughter and I made some wonderful discoveries in the freezer after school today! Did you know that most glasses of milk won't accomodate proper dipping of cookies? We decided a cereal bowl with about 3\4 of an inch of milk in it was the perfect way to dip a cookie. More than the creating of epicurean delights I enjoy watching people enjoy what I have created. As they put that first bite in their mouth I can't wait to hear what they think. Puts me in mind of how God must feel in each of our lives as we grow and begin to experience the creation that He has blessed us to enjoy. I can see Him watching us as we invariably burn our noses, scrape our knees and try new things for the first time. Man does not live by bread alone, though, and I imagine that God truly relishes the time we spend feasting on His Word and seeking the answers for questions that only He can provide the proper illumination. The most important part of any excursion into creating food for others, though, has got to be the love that goes into it. Even a simple circle sandwich can be a work of art prepared with huge amounts of love. That's the same love that has gone into the preparation for the manna we have been provided for our minds. Whenever there are tastes we hunger for that the pallette cannot satisfactorily provide, perhaps there is a spiritual food that is needed. One thing you can rest assured of is that the love that comes from God's written Word will provide a meal that your spirit can rejoice in. God bless(oh yeah, green pepper and a little pimento would be a welcome addition to the hotdish)Preacher.

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