Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seeking the Son?

We had been without sun for a lot of days when yesterday morning began. It was as though a pall had fallen on the Great American Desert and was refusing to be removed or released by the sun that was shining somewhere above. I went about my morning accomplishing little tasks and found myself arriving at a local tannery(is that what they call these places?)to bathe myself in artificial rays. Ky waited patiently for me as I proceeded to seek the sun in a cubicle. It was not a great improvement, but it was a start. Traveling the streets we kept an eye on the sky until it was schooltime and then our paths diversed until 3:30. It struck me as significant enough to write about how, in the course of our lives, we are seeking greater enlightenment for one reason or another. The true light which came into this world is to be found everlastingly in the context of God's Son. Looking out through the mirrors of my soul I was not finding what I sought. Looking inward to my heart I found a bright and shining place where my Savior resides. As the day progressed from shades of gray to a glimmer here and there the thought stuck with me that no matter how gray life has become at times we can always look to the source of all spiritual light to be found in Christ and therein find great cause for rejoicing. The clouds slowly cleared, and the sun appeared just in time to provide us with a beautiful sunset. Perhaps there is that gray place in your life that is in need of brightening. My Lord can help. Prayers are answered, everyday, just not always as we would perhaps like them to be. I am thankful for sunshine, and even more thankful for Sonshine! In Christ's Love, Preacher.