Sunday, January 22, 2006

Who Knows The Answer?

Last night I posted an E-mail that was about a young lady that was missing. It was entirely false. One of the folks from my Harely Owners Group(to whom I sent the same thing I blogged)wrote to inform me that I had been "taken in" by an E-mail designed to corrupt my computer and relay all of my pertinent information to someone somwewhere. They could have Eed me and I would have given them everything I've got in this 'puter. The point is, tonight, that this is really at the bottom of the "sick" list. In the penitentiary where I worked for 8 years the bottom of the barrel were the inmates who had perpetrated crimes on children. Thinking about it I now believe that this is the same personality type that sends out a false E alert like this one for the purpose of obtaining information. Even when you are in the midst of the worst of the worst that society sees fit to incarcerate when caught and convicted this is the bottom of the sleeze pit. That said, and we do forgive as God forgives us, the question remains, as to why this is done. The frightening part is that there are people out there seated at keyboards right now that are doing even worse things to their fellow human beings. If you are among these persons, I would encourage you to contact me. I'm not hard to find. There is a better way to live, and a better way to invest your time. Please get in touch. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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