Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bear in Peace

The task of being removed from our environment is not one to take lightly. We all seek a place of total peace. Out here on the frozen tundra of the Great American Desert our time found at peace is often in the very midst of a roaring blaze of fire. When feet are freezing and breath is gently seen amidst pearls of rising mist there is the essence of "us" that permeates the atmosphere. We are all one, you know, in the throes of our humanity, we are one with our Creator, God. Defined in inumerable ways there is but one path that leads to an eternal life. I believe that is found in my Savior, Christ. There are other ways that are inumerated in the writings of antiquity, but they, also, must lead to the same final conclusion......We were created! Beware of the bear that would cause an intrusion on your place of peace. He is magnificent, but deadly. Only in true peace and harmony with our Creator can we hope to successfully face the adversary. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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