Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Traveling Tales!

Travis(son)and Shantel(girlfriend)just returned from Florida. Their combined tax refunds had a little to do with the journey I'm sure, although I haven't heard that from either of them as yet. They make a cute couple, both in their first years of the over thirty set. Their combined incomes probably just top the 100k mark which leaves many of us out here on the Great American Desert in the income bracket dust. I'm tickled they both have each other to share time with, and the perils of travel away from South Dakota. The best story of the sojourn thusfar has to do with turning in the rental car at the international airport in Orlando. It seems they got there two hours early for their flight, turned in the rental car, and then were informed that there was another international airport in Orlando and the one they were in was not the "right" one. Nearly $100 of cab fare later and just barely under the wire for departure they made their way back to our vicinity. I have yet to hear Shantel's rendition of the saga, but if it goes anything like the one I heard yesterday it will be a laugh fest. Isn't that just the way our world is? I never would have suspected that there was more than one airport anywhere of international stature. We get along down the road of life and we learn many things. Some of them are really important, some not so! Information has got to be part of the key to making our way through airports and life intact. One of my colleagues here puts it like this: "You can't get into heaven with money. Being famous won't get you there. Being politically powerful(or correct)won't do it. No amount of intellectual pursuit can achieve that goal, and strength will not force the heavenly doors open. Rich or poor, good looking or not so, there is only one road that leads to everlasting life with our Creator." I pray you have found the correct terminal and placed your faith in Christ as Savior. After the plane leaves it's too late to catch a cab to the right gate, and there are two! One of them is a place I would never choose for an "eternal" vacation. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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