Thursday, March 02, 2006

Highly Acclaimed(Self Mostly)Critic

Lately prayer seems to have taken an extraordinary amount of my time. I guess I shouldn't complain, after all, the time really isn't mine, anyway. It's the time with which God has blessed my life! I think about the truth you see in the picture. The whole essence of God having known each of us before we were "knit together in our mother's womb." I wrote about this a short time ago, but a new perspective has arisen. A young man, age 20, recently(last Sunday)baptised, has presented some astounding numbers. Out here on the Great American Desert, South Dakota, 4,000 babies were terminated this past year by abortion. It seems some of the newest adult generation are beginning to understand the influence of faith in a world that appears to have a misunderstanding of what life truly is! They are part of the Campus Crusade crowd that are headed for Florida for spring break, 34 of them at last count.
I'm going to begin including them in my prayers tonight, and will continue until their return(even after that for those that I know personally)because they are going to determine the direction of American thinking for the next 50 years. Here we are just starting(spiritually)to recover from the misnomers of the 50's, and life has come about 180 degrees. I celebrate with our youth their new found faith in our Creator. I think we had this same feeling in mind as we neared the eve of Vietnam. Unfortunately most of the young men like this one were called away to die instead of fighting to save lives. Is it not strange how events and circumstances have an impact on an entire generation of people. But then that should not come as a complete surprise to those who have read the Bible. Was it not Moses that took God's people on a 40 year walk to get to know their God? In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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