Friday, February 17, 2006

Love In Any Language

We live in a world where love is such a common in useage that we become distracted and often miss the whole point of what love is! Everyone has an idea, a set of images that come into their mind when they hear the word. Personally I think most of us miss the mark when it comes to defining love. I know about 2,000 songs that employ the word, and in some fashion attempt to convey lyrically the feelings of love. I know the lyrics to about 200(10%)of them, but when I play them in my mind they seem pretty senseless. On our side door hangs a sign pasted together out of a "welcome" thing(kinda\sorta cutesie)and scrabble letters. The letters say, "Love Is A State Of Heart!" For me love is a real trust, one that is complete, and leaves no room for doubt. That is how I view my love of God. When it comes to folks I have often tried for that level of meaning, and rarely if ever been able to hold on to it for protracted periods of time. My grandmother's(paternal)passing marked the end of a time in life where I actually knew someone that loved me as completely as God. She was way cool, and no matter how old I got she was always there up until she reached the age of 93, and then I had to continue this life's journey without her. Now I'm the one with the grandkids. My most fervent prayer is that they find the love in me that I've found in God and that they can trust that love as much as I do my Savior's. The point is, we all hunger for, long for, and need the love that is truly unconditional. That can be found and shared, but we have to be as willing as a small child to "TRUST." Perhaps herein we can learn a lesson....real love has got to be based in a trusting relationship. Now I have learned another of life's lessons. The kind of love that endures is the love that is given, not taken! I pray you have that love in your heart, and that you have many others to share it with as you grow. If you happen to be in need of that love right now, it is never any further away than the distance between your knees and the floor. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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