Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Traveling Together

It's so easy in the midst of our married lives to forget that we are traveling as a couple the path of life. We're in the same boat, but it may not be as apparent as the picture makes it. Valentine's Day is about over. The expectations and anticipations of this year's addition to our "history" together will be what it is. Some will have shared laughter and love, maybe dreams and aspirations, too. For some this day has brought a painful reminder of how short time truly becomes as we near the end of our life's journey as a couple. A low mournful wailing could be heard during one of today's moments of prayer. It was that of one who can no longer share this special day in quite the same way, her mate has gone on to his reward. Let us keep in mind all the flowers of love that have bloomed on this earth. Not just the great romances which made it to the screen or novel or even tabloid, but the simple loves of heart and home shared by couples everywhere. You see, husband and wife the world over in response to christian faith is much the same. It is dictated by the Bible and it's writings concerning how we should be toward one another. I take comfort tonight that just as we hold one another today there have been those who have traveled this way before us. The church is referred to often as the "Bride of Christ." As we hold each other, so God holds us all. Thanks be to God! In Christ's love to all the christian sweethearts out there. Happy Valentine's Day, Preacher.

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